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Intelligent Automation in
business processes

Digital transformation is beginning to make its way into most business processes to facilitate the daily tasks of different departments.

With the implementation of tools such as Intelligent Automation, the organisation’s daily tasks are supported by the analytics and decision-making of artificial intelligence.

Are you familiar with Intelligent Automation processes?

This service offers a tool that digitally transforms the company’s everyday tasks. This transformation focuses on business process management (BPM) where users, tasks, systems and robots adapt to the needs and objectives at any given moment.

The artificial intelligence of processes facilitates automatic decision-making. The management of specific cases or actions can be incorporated, enabling them to be performed from start to finish.

The main objective of AI is to improve the experience of workers and clients, boost productivity, save time and lower costs by reducing human intervention in daily processes. It also cuts down on errors and the use of paper documents.

Basic pillars of Intelligent Automation

To truly understand this tool, you need to explore its technologies and fundamental pillars so that the artificial intelligence can be developed. correctly.

BPM o Business Process Management

BPM or Business Process Management

It facilitates the automation of business processes involving people, data, information and systems in an organised and structured way. It is the main extension for the correct development of Intelligent Automation.

RPA o Robotic Process Automation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation

It focuses on the use of software as such, reducing human intervention, i.e., RPA is based on the use of computer applications. It allows data to be entered manually, simple tasks to be performed, etc.

RPA o Robotic Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence

Machines can simulate human intelligence, allowing them to understand, learn and reason like a human being. This includes other terms such as Machine Learning, Visual Recognition, Big Data, etc.

Amypro Inteligencia Artificial


AI requires integration with other systems or software such as Application Programming Interface (APO), which in turn is related to other apps (SOAP or REST). AmyPro can integrate and automate this service with SAP for you without having to use external codes.

Intelligent Automation Process or IA

Basically, the Intelligent Automation process can be reduced to cognitive technologies with RPA, but what is the real integration process?

  1. Process and task discovery. Here, the technology must understand the processes or tasks to be performed and in the event of an emergency, be capable of making a decision thanks to Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  2. Optimisation. Connection between the client and the company, and vice versa. With this tool, both parties are able to access technical assistance or chatbots.
  3. Analyse and optimise. Reduce errors by improving the company’s tasks and processes. Easier and faster processes between the client and the company.

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AmyPro integrates Intelligent Automation with the SAP environment

We offer solutions and services that help your company improve business processes. The main objective of AI is to improve the experience of workers and clients, boost productivity, save time and lower costs by reducing human intervention in daily processes.

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