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ECM Document Management

A faster and simpler way to manage information content

The ECM concept came about in response to the need for companies to manage their information content quickly and easilyand to expedite the document management process.

What is ECM? Meaning and benefits What is ECM? Meaning and benefits

ECM, also known as Enterprise Content Management, is a concept associated with a document management strategy that encompasses different processes, areas, products and solutions that are part of a company’s business.

With this tool, the recurring information for each situation is available in a timely manner to the different administrative and executive processes and in the value chain itself.

The key feature of ECM is that it reduces the volume of physical documents and information which in turn leads to higher levels of satisfaction among employees, partners, clients and the company itself. As a document management tool, it also facilitates integration with SAP.

Meaning of the acronym ECM

ECM – Gestión documental - Enterprise

1. Enterprise

The word “enterprise” refers to all aspects, departments, functions, etc. , of a company, regardless of its size or line of business.

Applications are compiled for the entire organization, connecting the corporate environment with the different areas and the activities of each department by establishing a common information point, which adds value to the company’s operations.

Each sector or department has access to the information, business processes and tasks from different locations.

ECM – Gestión documental - Content

2. Content

This refers to the company’s information and files. It does not differentiate between types of documents, formats or media such as data, tasks, processes, procedures, etc.

The object is to group all files together, , whether there is an organised structure (e.g. accounting entries) or not (e.g. e-mails).

ECM – Gestión documental - Management

3. Management

The term “Management” focuses onrecording all relevant information or documentation. To do so, it must be managed in a structured way with a focus on the company’s activities, processes, publications and files.

The data and information processed in a “data room” is collected, structured and made available to the employees in a consistent, reliable and secure way.

Advantages of ECM - Document Management

The implementation of ECM tools for document management offers your company a series of advantages suchas:

ECM process

If you are thinking of incorporating this tool into your business, here is a summary of the ECM implementation process, regardless of your line of business.

  1. Eliminate physical documents and information on paper.
  2. Organise unstructured information and review structured information in order to arrange the documents according to the company’s needs.
  3. Centralise structured information in a single location called the “data room”.
  4. Optimise decision-making and tasks to improve and reduce times.
  5. Obtain added value and get a competitive edge over the competition through the implementation of ECM.
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ECM Solutions - Document Management

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Archiving and electronic organization of business information.

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