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Doxis ECM

Ser Group’s Doxis Suite is one of the most powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools available.

It was designed and developed as a Content Services Platform or CSP.

This tool supports electronic archiving, universal document management, business project management (BPM) and records management with or without associated workflow. It also supports integrations with ERPs such as SAP, Microsoft applications and other generic APIs.

In addition, it offers a series of pre-established configurations for contract management or document management for Human Resources departments, among many other features.

Our experience in the sector allows us to offer this implementation of the Doxis ECM solution. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation!

Doxis ECM solution features

This enterprise content management system is very comprehensive, bringing all processes together on a single technology platform. The features of the Doxis ECM solution include:

  1. Multiple user interface with integrations on different platforms (Windows, Web, Smartphone, Office, Outlook, etc.).
  2. Code-free solution
  3. Certification by the Tax Agency for invoice digitisation
  4. On-premise or cloud version (public or private)
  5. SaaS version to cover all your needs.
  6. Total information segregation structure.

Benefits of Doxis ECM

It is estimated that 80% of all corporate data is currently unstructured. With Doxis ECM, this percentage can be reduced and information can be efficiently structured.

  • Quick and easy access to data and information
  • Automation of processes and workflows
  • Improved internal and external communications
  • Compliance with regulations and laws
  • Uniform internal work practices
  • Improved reporting and analytics

With the solutions that AmyPro offers, the rcollection, analysis and management of data and documents is much faster thanks to the implementation of this type of digital tool.

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